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Enrollment, Tuition & Fees

2023-24 Tuition Schedule
Days Per week
4-5 Year Olds
2-3 Year Olds
Infants & Toddlers
After School
Drop In Membership
2 Days
$340 -----------$215
$365 ----------- $230
$400 ----------- $250
4+ year olds: $8/hr
3 Days
$510 ----------- $325
$545 ----------- $345
$600 ----------- $375
2-3 year olds: $9/hr
4-5 Days
$675 ----------- $425
$725 ----------- $455
$800 ----------- $500
infant/toddlers: $10/hr
Full Day -------Half Day
Full Day -------Half Day
Full Day -------Half Day
membership fee: $25/family
Registration Fees

All Registration contracts will be subject to the following fees per child.


Non-refundable Registration Fee: $50       

Reserves empty enrollment space for a maximum of 1 month.  After that time full tuition will be assessed.


Materials fee:  $50

This fee is charged upon enrollment in addition to every October, February, and June

Best Beginnings Scholarships

Canvas ELC gladly accepts the Best Beginning Scholarship. This scholarship is contracted through Butte 4-C’s in Butte and will pay the tuition for specified days or hours each week.  Parents are responsible for paying all tuition and fees that are not covered by Best Beginnings Scholarships. These fees may include but are not limited to copays, registration fees, materials fees, late charges, and fees for exceeding the daily drop off/pick up times.  If the State rate does not amount to the total contracted tuition, parents will be charged the difference.  It is a parent’s responsibility to contact with 4C’s and contract for the amount of hours needed for care.  Find information on this program and apply online at


Address: 512 1/2 N Washington Street Dillon, MT 59725

Phone: 406-988-0008



Mon - Fri: 7:45 am - 5:15 pm

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