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2-3 Year Old Classroom


Our 2-3 year old classroom is the perfect place for children to learn and grow as a group.  Children of this age are learning all about themselves and how they affect the world around them. This classroom is designed with social and emotional skills in mind.  Children learn about their feelings, how to interact appropriately with others, how to function with and within a group all while they do what children do best:  PLAY.    

Children are naturally curious, so learning comes easy to them.  Teachers are very intentional about the activities and materials that they offer to children.  Activities are based on children's interest, abilities, and inquiry.  Teachers remain flexible in their curriculum to provide for children's needs and individuality.

A typical day in this classroom includes:

Short Group meetings

Singing and Dancing

Story time

Small and/or large group activities

Sensory activities


Resting/Nap time

Outdoor play

Large motor play

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